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Want to Become a Distributor of Our Leading Brands

To become a retail distributor for Novamex you must carry our complete portfolio of grocery brands. Our requirements include a minimum of one full truck load, having a warehouse with a loading dock capable of receiving a semi trailer, and compliance with Novamex credit requirements. All applications are subject to approval by Novamex sales management.

Grocery Distributors

Get on board to sell Novamex’s leading grocery brands to your customers. Brands like Jarritos, Mineragua, Sangria Señorial, Sidral Mundet, Camaronazo, Ibarra, D’Gari, Salsas Castillo and Tepachito are recognized, respected, and highly sought after by Hispanics in the US.

Novamex experienced sales team manages a retail distribution system by working closely with distributors to set goals and priorities. The team implements sales promotions and incentive programs to deliver results for your customers.

We recognize an evolving marketplace with population and demographic shifts. Novamex looks to add new distributors in regions experiencing growth in the number of Hispanic households. Our team calls directly on key accounts, works with brokers and represents the company and brands at industry trade shows. Our retail sales force also has merchandising team to achieve superior presence at store level.

Please contact us at 1-888-668-2639. For further information, fill out this form.