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Using a unique design that is part of the brand's personality today, Jarritos broke with Mexican soft drink standards by offering a larger 400 ml bottle with a coffee flavored drink. Shortly after launching the first Jarritos in Mexico City, Mr. Hill developed a process to remove tamarind juice extract to create the first tamarind-flavored soft drink in Mexico: Jarritos Tamarindo.

Mr. Hill quickly followed with Mandarin, Lemon, and Fruit Punch flavors gaining greater market share and becoming the national soft drink of Mexico. In ten short years, Jarritos became available in 80% of Mexico using new flavors based on Mexican regional traditions in food. Grapefruit, for example, is made from fresh grapefruit from the state of Veracruz. Jamaica (hibiscus) uses extracts from Jamaica flowers originating in Guerrero and Oaxaca. The region of Colima provides lemons for a Lemon flavor, and the same with Pineapple from Tabasco. Today, these popular flavors still come from these regions where each year growers compete to provide Jarritos with the best fruit.

In the US, Jarritos eleven great flavors are available in major and independent supermarkets that service the Hispanic community as well as Mexican restaurants, taquerias, catering trucks, and convenience stores in markets large and small. Our brand is loved and trusted throughout the community where it supports youth soccer, community churches, and exciting consumer promotions each year.